Vineet Raj Kapoor

Recognized Industry Expert for Animation, Knowledge Partner for TCS iON in the field of Usability and Game Design Game Designer & CEO, VirtualSoft

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About Me

I like to transform people through design of experiences both visual and experiential. I also happen to run a design and animation studio with a training facility.

I am a passionate Design Mentor with a Game Design streak from way back in 1980 when i designed my first game at my school. I was tired of book cricket and made 2 versions using dice and playing cards. I was able to achieve realistic scores and gameplay. It was catchy and a few of my friends became addicts and spoiled their school scores including me. But i moved on and designed a basketball and a soccer and finally I set up an olympics which engaged my whole set of friends as individual events were allocated to each friend to hold and we collated the medals each day. We had a complete 14 day olympic schedule chart that we had to follow including the athletic heats. Slowly i transfused into an Artist, Engineer, Writer and Designer. Today, I help Designers learn how to get the twist into the story, the fun into the game. And also, how to use this knowledge to progress the society – Gamification is one fancy name for this art.

Alongside I also maintain a healthy interest in chess and write articles online to motivate students to learn well especially in the field of design. I take keen interest in how society is changing and what shape it may take in future and also where we lack to understand the importance of the older ways of living and the impact of moving away from those.

I love connecting with Artists around the world and dream of creating a platform for artists to share ideas and discuss and understand other perspectives and points of views, and maybe even get feedback on their current work in progress. I also happened to guide students across the world in their careers and yes I do not charge them anything for this

They chased Success, I sought Excellence I stood in Awe, They stand in Deference

Vineet Raj Kapoor (14 June 2016)