Faculty Development Program in Design Thinking

Faculty Development Program in Design Thinking at Chitakara University

Faculty Development Program in Design Thinking at Chitakara University

Topic: Design Thinking

Audience: Faculty

Program: Faculty Development Program

Mode: Workshop

Date: 15-16 Sep 2023

School: CSE

University: Chitkara University

Chandigarh Design School founder Vineet Raj Kapoor delivered Faculty Development Program at Chitkara University on Design Thinking – Finding the Right Problem to Solve.

Computer Science Engineering Department at Chitkara University, held a Faculty Development Program on 15-16 September 2023 under a Infosys-Apple Partnership for Innovation. They invited renowned Speaker and Design Thinking Vineet Raj Kapoor, Founder, Chandigarh Design School.

This Program was attended by all Faculty Associated with Innovation in the App Space.

Spread over 2 Days the Program delved into the Way Humans Think, and right upto how we can use established techniques to understand the users, and find out enough about them and the issues they face, to be able to locate the real issue that needs to be solved.

Vineet Raj Kapoor (Indian IDT Expert Worldskills, and Founder Chandigarh Design School) shared “I am happy to get involved with the CSE department as the impact of the learning would directly reach the innovators in the digital app space. We covered the approach to Divergent Thinking and User Research for finding the pain points. And then techniques to converge the thinking towards defining the problem. Problems once identified can be solved easily.”

Dr. Ankit Bansal who heads the Innovation Program said “This was a excellent exposure with really good insights into the process. Earlier we would go directly to building the apps on what we thought was the issue. But this has widened our horizon. We have understood how much research must be done before attempting the solution. The Team at Chandigarh Design School is really good!”

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