March 4, 2015
Neither the horse nor the rider is free

Neither the horse nor the rider is free

Why Technology chases Art? It’s quite simple. Artists tell technology where to go! This represents to extent of realism the painters had to get to, when […]
June 9, 2018
smart india hackathon 2018

Mentor at Smart India Hackathon (IIT Kanpur)

Vineet Raj Kapoor shall be mentoring 3 times for the finals of Mentor at Smart India Hackathon at IIT Kanpur. These teams have been preparing for the […]
February 21, 2021

Knowledge Nudge Series – UX Design

Design Thinking and UX Design Masterclass for Knowledge Nudge Series of capacity building organised by SGSITS Alumni Association & Incubation Forum and Institute Innovation Council. The Process of Designing for the User. It can also be called the NeoAge or Reversed MBA. MBA teaches you how to sell products, whereas UX Design teaches how to create products that the users need.