SXILL Annual Convocation

SXILL Annual Convocation
SXILL took a giant step in Hosting the first ever SXILL Convocation for NSDC/ MESC QP Certification. This was done in order to step up the value of Skill Certification, and distill honor amongst Artists. It was held on 26 August 2023 at SXILL. An MESC Certification is a Government recognition of the training Quality and would be useful for the students in the long run.

Industry Leader Mr. Pradeep CEO of Incredimate was the Guest of Honor for 3D Modeller as well as Animator QP at the Convocation. He appreciated the enthusiasm of the students as well as the faculty at SXILL. He was overjoyed with the tour of the facility. He shared his our life journey as well as inspired the students with tips for success in life as an animator.

Pooja Arora, Head North Region for MESC (Media and Entertainment Skill Council) was the Guest of Honor for Graphic Designer QP at the Convocation. She shared her experiences of working alongside the Experts at SXILL during Indiaskills in 2021-2022. She found that the Expertise at SXILL was way above that she normally finds at training institutes. She also shared information about Worldskills with the students and also MECAT and other initiatives being taken by MESC to encourage designers.

The names of the graduates were announced by respective Heads of Program and Indiaskills Experts Mr. Parminder Singh (Modeller and Animator QP) and Bikramjit Singh (Graphic Designer QP).
Neelu Kapoor (Indian Graphics Expert Indiaskills, and Founder SXILL) shared “I am happy that the students got their Certificates directly from the Industry Experts. I am sure this moment will be remembered by them for years. Also MESC has been a great support for us in bringing quality education to the students of India. I thank Mr. Pradeep and Ms Pooja for gracing the occasion.”

Strengthening Industry-Skill Linkage in AVGC – Panel Discussion

Vineet Raj Kapoor, participated in the “Strengthening Industry-Skill Linkage in AVGC” Discussion from 11.30 AM to 1.30 PM on 21st February, 2022 chaired by Shri Apurva Chandra, Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and Shri Atul Kumar Tiwari, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

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MESC How to Explore Overseas Market Places

MESC How to Explore Overseas Market Places for IP Speaker Vineet Raj Kapoor SXILL chandigarh design school

Media and Entertainment Skill Council held a Seminar on ‘How to Explore Overseas Market Places for IP’ and the Speakers were Bikramjit Singh, SXILL chandigarh design school, Vineet Raj Kapoor, Game and UIUX Expert, and Keon Young, ACE fair, South Korea