NEP 2020

ICSI-NEP 2020 Technology and Future of Education I

ICSI-1-NEP 2020 Technology and Future of Education

ICSI (International Chambers of Service Industry) invited Vineet Raj Kapoor to present a seminar on the National Education Policy 2020, and about making education relevant. Vineet Raj Kapoor, highlighted the positives of the new education policy and also gave additional suggestions to make the implementation feasible.

The Trending Era of AVGC – Vidyadaan carnival

The Trending Era of AVGC - Speaker Vineet Raj Kapoor Vidyadaan carnival

Vidyadaan Carnival was initiated by Media and Entertainment Skill Council during September 2020. A Panel Discussion was held on Sep 11, 2020. Vineet Raj Kapoor spoke about the New Education Policy in detail covering all aspects and bringing out the pros and cons of online education as well as about the new initiatives. He also covered in details the future of education and the requirements of modern education.