Passion Never Ends – how to use the long rope

Passion Never Ends - how to use the long rope
Passion Never Ends - how to use the long rope
Passion Never Ends – how to use the long rope

Go haath ko jumbish nahin, aankhon mein toh dum hai
Rahne do abhi saaghar-o-meena meray aage
– Mirza Ghalib

My Translation
Though my hands can no longer feel, my sight is still alive
Let this sea of lights (entrapments of life) remain before me
– Vineet Raj Kapoor (this post prompted me to a full translation of the complete poem, so click here to read Bazeecha-e-atfal)

Your passion never ends – make use of this huge energy inside you

God has given you a long leash with which you can explore the world. And that is your passion. It’s only your passion with which you are allowed to go farther than with any other path that you choose. If you choose to do an MBA and join a multinational and serve drinks to the world you never get the opportunity to invade and participate and conquer the excitement that surrounds the new inroads that are being made by other passionate people – and can only wait for them to find out new zones and create products that let you experience their excitement. Why not pump your adrenaline by being the one who’s following the passion and giving world the fruits of that passionate zeal as they look on in awe?

The worst that can happen is that you die on your way to heaven, instead of rotting in the hell you otherwise would have created around you when you chase other mundane pursuits.

Well, what other options you have anyway instead of using this long rope of passion. Let’s speculate. You could instead chase a degree, a job, girls, respect, name, money?

These all cannot lead where your passion can take you. And your passion can give all of this and more as an after effect.

All people who did anything worthwhile were just following their idyllic pursuit unaware of what they were about to discover. All they bothered for, was doing what they loved to do – not the love of what could get created!

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