The Wow Freshman – 20 Tips on making the most of your College life!

The Wow Freshman - 20 Tips on making the most of your College life!
The Wow Freshman - 20 Tips on making the most of your College life!
The Wow Freshman – 20 Tips on making the most of your College life!

My son Yash, recently set out of home for his first day at college. As a parent you want to tell them so many things, but the emotions get the better of you. You just watch as they pack their bags and just wish that things will work out eventually. Well, there are some (read many) things I too couldn’t tell him. So as soon as I came back, I pulled myself out of the emotions and then made this list. Once, I had sent it to him, it occured to me that not everyone can do that, so why not share the resources. So, hope it’s useful to you as well. Do give me your feedback please, if you do.

The Wow Freshman – 20 Tips on making the most of your College life! How to get the XFactor!

  1. Never miss classes and assignments (college teachers won’t nag you to do your work, start being responsible). You learn new things inside the class even while joking about the subject in whispers.
  2. Don’t bother about classmates’ reputations. Remember, right now you too don’t have one
  3. Do not judge people by their looks. You are amongst talented people – as talented as you.
  4. Trust your college and teachers and they will trust you.
  5. The teachers are there to share knowledge and give suggestions and not judge you. You must also not try to judge them
  6. Take suggestions from teachers, they’ve been in the field for some time. Give suggestions as well.
  7. Use and abuse (overuse) the facilities to give shape to your ideas. Offer to help others shape their ideas as well.
  8. Whenever in doubt go to a book (or a trusted internet source). If still not clear, approach a faculty with the book/ notes.
  9. If you get an idea, talk to your faculty right away. Discuss your idea – do not fear for it getting stolen. Try out various permutations of the idea and not be biased by your initial thought. Every act of yours must be an experiment.
  10. If you have an idea about how you should be taught discuss with your faculty. Then listen to what they say (since they also keep experimenting with ideas and understand the issues involved)
  11. Volunteer! If there’s something going on, participate. Be in the thick of things.
  12. Don’t waste the weekends away. Learn something new, do something new. There’s nothing new in playing video games.
  13. Learn something new in the Summers. Best is to stay back and make use of the college facilities during vacations. You won’t believe how easy that is. And it costs nothing.
  14. Manage your finances well. Don’t fritter away money on petty burgers. Did I say patty burgers?
  15. Always remember the deadlines – for assignments, tests and even the deadline of football team trials
  16. Do you know how to say NO? or you still drag yourself through boring stuff? Learn to Manage your Time. Learn to say NO.
  17. Don’t get distracted by People. Of course, that includes dating.
  18. You set out to be a leader, so don’t give up at small obstacles or hindrances. Remain a leader.
  19. You can fool the fans but not the players. So be honest to the game.
  20. Watch yourself! Your mom is no longer watching you!

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