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Vineet Raj Kapoor selected Expert Lead for IDT Skill Management Team for Worldskills France 2024

September 10 - September 15

– Indian IDT Expert Vineet Raj Kapoor selected Expert Lead for Worldskills Skill Management Team
– Indian IDT Expert Vineet Raj Kapoor selected Expert Lead for Worldskills Skill Management Team
– Indian IDT Expert Vineet Raj Kapoor selected Expert Lead for Worldskills Skill Management Team

Indian IDT Expert Vineet Raj Kapoor selected Expert Lead for Worldskills Skill Management Team.

Chandigarh Design School Founder, and SXILL Cofounder Vineet Raj Kapoor is India’s Worldskills Expert for Industrial Design Technology. Vineet Raj Kapoor was selected as India’s Expert in 2022 and had selected and trained India’s Competitors for the Worldskills 2023. These competitors came from NID Ahmedabad, MIT Pune and other colleges of India.

He continues to help Indiaskills find India’s best design talents in IDT, by helping design and conduct tests as well as train students.

He has been selected to be a part of the Worlskills Skill Management Team for IDT. The Skill Management Team is formed of select experts from different nations, and they collaborate to work towards having a successful Worldskills competition. They are involved in various aspect of the conduction of the Skill Competition. The current Skill Management Team in Worldskills IDT consists of Experts from China, Taiwan, Korea and India.

Applauding his achievement SXILL Founder Neelu Kapoor mentioned, “Vineet’s zeal to work with students is unbeatable. He is able to get to their level and simplify things. The candidates trained by him performed exceptionally well in Indian and International Competitions. I am confident that he would help India finish on the podium at Worldskills 2024 at France.”

“Whether I work with my own students or the top students of India nominated by the government, my training methodology remains the same. Help students understand how they are going to be judged and they develop them to maximize they response to each aspect of every criterion of judgement. There is no space to lose even a single point in international competition, since they are about the process, and the students who stick to the basics emerge at the top.” Said Vineet Raj Kapoor, when asked about the competition preparation. “Right now we are busy with scouting the best talent of India.”

WorldSkills Lyon 2024 is set to take place 10-15 September 2024, following the postponement of the 46th WorldSkills Competition in Shanghai, China by one year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. France won the bid to host the 47th WorldSkills Competition at WorldSkills General Assembly 2019 in Kazan, Russia.
It is the second time for France and Lyon to be the host in the history of the international championship. The 33rd WorldSkills Competition previously took place in 1995 at EUREXPO Lyon, the same venue that will now host WorldSkills Lyon 2024.
WorldSkills Competition Lyon 2024 is a strong commitment to youth and their future which generates unprecedented international mobilization around skills, competences and excellence.
Despite the one-year postponement of the competition due to the pandemic, the plan to host the global competition remains the same: to inspire young people in skills, promote skills and change the perception on vocational education and training.
WorldSkills Lyon 2024 is also a national project centered around the regions, in particular the Metropolis of Lyon. It will be THE springboard and catalyst to develop and promote professional training adapted to current and future needs in terms of employment.
The competition and Team WorldSkills France, which both are a result of the mobilization of regions and the commitment of partners to WorldSkills France, are the first vectors of inspiration for young people and a tangible proof for the next generations of the relevance of skills and competences in a career and personal life with high potential.


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