3D Printing is the biggest wave that’s going to hit us

3D Printing is the biggest wave that's going to hit us
3D Printing is the biggest wave that's going to hit us
3D Printing is the biggest wave that’s going to hit us

3D Printing is the biggest wave that is going to hit us. Sure that’s worrisome. But the more worrying part is, that most people you talk to are not even aware about this subject. Especially in India almost no one seems to aware about what has been achieved in this field.

So I thought that we need to share what is now becoming part of general knowledge. Most people are not aware that 3D printing or Rapid Prototyping or additive manufacturing is a field that came into existing around the end of 80s, and by 1990 it is said that the first artificial kidney (one of the most complex systems – considered unmakable by any modern methods) had been made. And now when in 2015 this is going to be in public domain, the excitement is obviously very high in the scientific fraternity. However, the simpler methods have reached a stage where even residential houses are being printed – of course using concrete as a material. 3D Printers capable of using almost anything as a material are possible.

This means that the world is at a stage where we would move away from mass production – at least for premium products – and design would be centre stage (you can read another article on this here – Still Studying Engineering? You’re extinct!)

So you can have a custom car with even the door handles unique to your car. It would be some kind of effect that open source had on software technology and development. Simple sites are today being produced with just a click and no knowledge of programming. Similarly, people without any engineering background would be able to make product parts or even entire products by hit and trial.This technology has potential to disrupt the world in a very big way since government earlier lost control on information with the internet era. Now they are set to lose control over manufacturing in the home manufacturing era that is dawning. Not impressed? Well Cody Wilson is mentioned as one of the most dangerous people on earth – and why – well he uploaded a 3D model which if you print can assemble into a usable gun! Now you know where we are headed!

Well the positive thing is, no one need store any spare parts – you can print when you need one. So a lot of warehousing space would be freed.

Here are main areas of

  1. Prototypes for product development/ innovation
  2. Aeorspace/ Space/ defence
  3. Automotive – customization
  4. Medical – customization
  5. Consumer – customization
  6. Areas of research – food products

And you have to now start keeping thos keys very very safe! Anyone can draw an instant copy using a 3D Scanner and Printer! Whew!!

I must say that we need to expose our children early to this age. Since the country whose children are exposed to this early would lead their country to a new era. That’s why I am keen to share this article with every Indian (no i don’t meant hat other countries don’t need this – please share this article with your own countrymen and some others).

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