How to choose a career! ver2.0

How to choose a career! ver2.0
How to choose a career! ver2.0
How to choose a career! ver2.0

Well the previous article delved on the aspects of those careers which border on creating and supporting manmade products and services. However, it kind of ignores the contribution of those working on products which are not their ideas or creation – for e.g. humans, vegetables, animals! So let me call these as Organic Careers and the careers in the earlier article as Inorganic Careers.

So the Organic Career involving god made products would be

  1. Guide – Guiding humans – preachers, priests, teachers, parents, king, president (at home mothers)
  2. Curator – Curing humans ailings – doctors, surgeons, psychiatrists
  3. Caretaker – Caring for humans – nurses, physiotherapist, masseur, NGOs, pharmacist
  4. Cure – Curing Plants/ Animals – Veterinary doctor, surgeon
  5. Care – Caring for Plants/ Animals – NGOs, gardener, shepherd, animal husbandry
  6. Entertain – Entertaining Humans – this is same as level 3 in inorganic careers

And the Inorganic Careers involving manmade products and services would be (forgive the overlaps – i am still in the thinking mode and don’t want to take the final call in some areas yet. do send your comments and feedback please)

There are essentially 5 kinds of careers. Based on what kind of a person you are one of these paths would be suitable for you. Even when you change careers you would usually remain in the same domain as the earlier career.

  1. imagine something to be – design (pre-production, software flowchart, leader, visualizer, CEO, story writer)
  2. create that something – create (production, animation, database, programming, giving birth, cinematographer, graphic designer, farmer, director)
  3. personify/ finish/ repair/ socialize that something – humanify (e.g. UI, UXD, VFX, surgeon, social media, marketing, teacher, media, lawyer, finance, sportsman, actor)
  4. test/ audit that something – check (e.g. hacking, QC, lab technician, customer support, administration,auditor, analyst, statistician, sales, municipal corporation, referee)
  5. delete/ save something – protect/ destroy (e.g. army, security, builder)
  6. recreation – is to inhale the creativity – it is not a career. this is the leisure we seek once we have added value to this world by choosing our path from above.

Most of the jobs allow you to do more than one of the above actions. However, the above clubbing is generally true given the maximum time spend area. So once you identify one of these areas as your liking for e.g. if you’re a sportsperson, you like to do things – collaborate. You humanify the dry sportsground and bring joy by being there. So you belong to category 3. So if you try to do work that belongs to category 2 your probability of success drops. Alternatively, if you belong to 3 and you take up 4 it would give you huge success (you can even be the best in your particular company or group) but you’d not have the satisfaction since you’ve already evolved into category 3 work.

I can write tonnes on this but i think keeping it simple allows you to absorb the meaning and use this in your life. Best of luck.

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