After God Particle, the God Variable

After God Particle, the God Variable
After God Particle, the God Variable
After God Particle, the God Variable

This is not about Atheism nor about Belief.

This is not about Atheism nor about Belief. I am neither an atheist nor a believer. I must in the waiting room ­čÖé

There must be something that should explain God or negate God. And like all of others, this has been a troublesome question in my mind too. Any theory which could put at peace millions of people bothered by this question.

Somewhere along the way, I did find peace, so it meant that for me this question was settled. But could I explain it to others? How to get peace? Well it took me another few decades to get to the root of the equation that could prove God.

Assignment of a variable brings peace to the equation

Infinity is that symbol, which defines a number that we are unable to reach though we are able to assume. So that number is unseen yet. However, after considerable research we have been able to accept Infinity as a number in our numerology.

However, now imagine that instead of numbers there are physical beings and that even includes thoughts, living beings, events, philosophies, art, elements, et al. Now create equations using them (we all keep creating equations among these elements in our mind, knowingly or unknowingly). Sometimes, we get answers in terms of designs and solutions that come up into our mind which solve the problem. Now, other times we are unable to solve some equations, but like numerical/ algebraic maths we know the answer is out there somewhere, and we assign a variable to it and let it rest. Assignment of a variable brings peace to the equation.

Now, let’s go back to questions that raise in our mind when we try to put together life, an unsolved equation. So, when we assign the unsolved variable as God. It becomes a symbol like infinity, which is indeterminate, but assumable. So when we assume God, leave the equation of life balanced or at peace.

Maybe that is the equation Ramanujan was trying to solve. Gandhi tried to bring various theorems to boot, to get some method into this madness. Einstien understood and accepted that there were theorems around which these guys from east were attempting. Steve Jobs also understood this equation in mid-life.

God is the variable you assign to bring peace to the equation of life.

How would it work practically? Well assume you are facing a problem with your child. Logically, you are correct. Logically your child also feels he/ she is┬ácorrect. But the equation of family is not balancing, so something is missing. Now, assign this God variable. It covers the missing part. This leaves room for new variables to come it and change the equation as the equation resolves itself. Some religious people would call it leaving to God. Atheism would call it something else. Since now you are at peace do not engage for a solution, your mind becomes free to look at the same from a distance. The mind would keep substituting values to find the missing variables, as it spots similar equations and patterns in other people’s life. Sooner or later through pattern recognition or fuzzy logic we would find a better solution. The brain would re-iterate as the situation improves.

Somewhere you could also call it reassigning a problem from the left brain to the right brain, so that it leaves the folds of logic and is more receptive of fuzzy logic. Maybe that’s what peace is about. And that’s where God variable lies! haha that’s fodder for another day, when my brain again goes into a tizzy…

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