Poem माँ ते की गुज़री (What mother went through)

Poem माँ ते की गुज़री (What mother went through) - Vineet Raj Kapoor
Poem माँ ते की गुज़री (What mother went through) - Vineet Raj Kapoor
Poem माँ ते की गुज़री (What mother went through) – Vineet Raj Kapoor

(this is about the soldiers, living away from his family – this is about you and me)

तू की जाणे ओ वे चनया                What do you know o’ son

तेरी माँ ते की गुज़री                  What your mother went through

दूध सिराणै रख के रोई                 Did she cry by the glass of milk

या राह ते ओ गुज़री                   Or she passed waiting by the road

बुए कन्ने खलौ के जागी (रात गुज़ारी)        Did she stood waiting at the door

झाती पा के ओ गुज़री                 Or did she die on sighting you

ठण्ड दिल दी ना पुगाई                 Did she get to cool her heart

या ता:च ओ गुज़री (ता=ताप)             Or did she pass under the hot sun

तेरे दुथरु, सा रुका की (सा=सांस)         When you choked and did not breathe

इक सा:च ओ गुज़री                   Did she die in that one missed breath

अद्दी छड गया जो लोरी (अद्दी=आधी)       The lullaby that you left unfinished

ओही गा के ओ गुज़री (ओही=वही)         Did she pass away finishing that

भैंण, बेटी बन के जीती (भैंण=बहन)        She enjoyed life as a sister/ daughter

ते माँ:च ओ गुज़री                    Did she get to enjoy motherhood

तारे गिण के रात गुज़ारी                Counting stars under the sky (waiting)

ऐसे थां:च ओ गुज़री (थां=जगह)           Did she Pass away at the same spot

तेरे व्याह च झल्ली नचेगी (झल्ली=like mad)  Waiting to dance madly@your wedding

निरे चा:च ओ गुज़री (चा=चाहत)           Did she just die in that excitement

तू सपने पूरे कर के आवे                You will return after getting your dreams

एस दा:च ओ गुज़री (दा:=दांव)           Did she die in this gambit

तेरे तल्ले फुल्ल वछाऐ (तल्ले=नीचे)         Spread flowers under you always

स्वाह:च ओ गुज़री (स्वाह=राख)           Did she herself went to ashes

अधूरे छड्डे तेरे वादे (छड्डे=छोड़े)           You left unfinished promises

निबाह:च ओ गुज़री (मुक गयी)            Did she died in covering you

रब दे अग्गे सर झुकाया                 She bowed her head before God

दुआ ला के ओ गुज़री (ला=लगा)           Did she die after God blessed you

– विनीत राज कपूर (११ जून २०१६)

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