UnChess – Untie Your Shoes and Walk on the ChessBoard of Life (kindle)

UnChess - Untie Your Shoes and Walk on the ChessBoard of Life

UNCHESS: Untie Your Shoes and Walk on the Chessboard of Life

Only One Rule to winning at Chess and in Life. Push a Pawn when there is nothing to do. Pawns create stress, and people make bad moves. Your Skills are your Pawns in Life. The Pawns are Your Hands. Life at Chess starts with an Octopus – 8 Hands. These are sacrificed in your Will to Move Ahead in Life.

A Wonderful Set of Easy to Understand Philosophies for Life derived of the Centuries old Game of Chess. Tips on how to Juggle between your Passion, Desires, Courage, Spirit, and Wisdom.

The final aim of all of us playing on this board of life is to somehow break out of this board and be free. Freedom of course shall not come in that way, but if we are able to understand the board, and master the play, we shall be able to forget the board. So my Action Play is to let you Rip the Board from under you. So that you can forget the Squares and focus on the Unchess of it. I want you to understand chess in such a simple way that your Life can be UnChessed.


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